Acupuncture involves the stimulation of specific points on the body, typically utilizing very thin sterilized needles, inserted through the skin.

Offer Acupuncture as a Benefit

First-line pain management – When you offer acupuncture to your members, they have access to a first-line of care to manage pain before high-cost invasive procedures like ER visits, MRIs, and surgeries occur, reducing overall spend.1

Opioid alternative – Acupuncture provides an alternative solution to managing pain and may reduce the need for prescription opioids.2 Members can remain active and socially connected.

Member retention – An acupuncture benefit can attract and retain members looking for an alternative medicine option. Tivity Health research shows that 70% of members indicated that offering services like acupuncture would enhance their perception of their health plan.3

Health enhancement – Acupuncture may impact the overall health and well-being of your members. Tivity Health research shows that more than 50% of members agree that benefits like acupuncture would benefit their overall health and well-being.3

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  3. September 2019 which surveyed two separate populations: SilverSneakers members and the general population.

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70% of members indicate that offering services like acupuncture would most likely raise their perception of their health plan. 1

  1. “Perceptions Of Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Among The SilverSneakers Population” Tivity Health Consumer Research, September 2019