Choices by WholeHealth Living®

Provide your members with access to a nationwide network of integrative health practitioners and well-being solutions to support their health goals, and drive plan satisfaction.

Choices by WholeHealth Living is a market differentiator. Our ready-to-use discount network increases member loyalty and engagement.

Give your members access to an entire network of credentialed integrative health practitioners, well-being products and resources at a discount. The online marketplace is easily accessible, and health plans can customize the marketplace to offer discounts on products and services that meet the needs of your unique members.

Choices by WholeHealth Living offers three unique products:
Wrap Around Benefit
  • Provide your members with an opportunity to continue maintenance care at a discount following the completion of their covered practitioner visits.
  • Access to all specialty credentialed practitioners in the WholeHealth Living Network at a discount.
  • Members can continue to invest in their health at a discount to improve their health and reduce your medical spend.
Integrative Health Benefit
  • Provide your members with a full network of credentialed integrative health practitioners they can utilize at discounted rates.
  • Evaluate how an integrative health benefit resonates with your members prior to adding a full covered benefit.
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace with a nationwide discount network.
Well-Being Discounts
  • Provide your members with access to our full discount network including leading well-being solutions, plus our nationwide integrative health practitioners including chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, naturopathy, and more.
  • Leverage the Choices by WholeHealth Living discount network to support your member’s health goals and increase plan loyalty.
  • Members gain access to variety of popular well-being discounts and resources in a user-friendly online marketplace.

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