Introducing a New Kind of Pain Care

WholeHealth Living has partnered with Vori Health to bring your members a dedicated Care Team for muscle and joint pain delivered through one comprehensive solution.

Health plans are the first to admit Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions are one of the top healthcare expenditures because the traditional MSK approach is costly and ineffective. Today the medical community is demanding a change in the way we deliver care to MSK patients and WholeHealth Living has the solution.

  • More than 50% of US adults, and 75% of those over 65 report a MSK medical condition.1
  • $329 billion is spent annually on MSK conditions, of which $167 billion is spent on low back and neck pain.2
  • Back pain alone led to 264 million lost workdays, resulting in $132 billion annual earnings loss.1
  • 53% of referrals for CT  spine and 35% for MRI  spine are inappropriate.3
  • 50% of spine surgeries and 34% of knee surgeries are unnecessary.3

WholeHealth Living and Vori Health have partnered to deliver a new, comprehensive muscle and joint pain solution for your MSK members. Our Pain Care Solution is the first of its kind that combines:

  • A physician lead Pain Care Team trained in MSK conditions
  • Health Coaches that work closely with members, guiding their next steps to ensure their success throughout the entire program
  • A virtual network of physical therapists that provide guidance, interactive content, sensorless motion tracking, data analytics
  • A network of qualified and credentialed integrative health practitioners trained in chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage therapy
  • The nation’s most recognized and respected fitness program, SilverSneakers, or Burnalong, a leading online health, wellness, and fitness platform

We engage members within 24 hours to start the healing process and avoid urgent care visits. Members work with board-certified Physicians, Health Coaches, and Physical Therapists trained in MSK who will coordinate care to avoid unnecessary imaging and surgery.

Our Pain Care Solution Drives Savings:

  • By avoiding surgery, health plans could save on average $22,916 in total costs for non-operative patients compared to surgically treated patients with back and leg pain.4
  • $3,813 – Costs were on average $3,813 lower for patients receiving early physical therapy.5
  • $19,179 savings per patient with acupuncture treatment for severe knee osteoarthritis.6
  • Average of 16% reduction in healthcare costs for those members engaging in SilverSneakers.7

Trust WholeHealth Living’s Pain Care Solution to support your pain management strategy, drive savings, and most importantly, get your members back to living a life they love.

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