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Access a network of high-quality, credentialed integrated health practitioners that you can trust to care for your patients.

Research shows that patients are more likely to utilize an integrated health practitioner when recommended by their primary care provider (PCP), or medical specialist. WholeHealth Living makes it easy for patients to locate in-network practitioners who can help them manage their pain and improve physical function.

  • Nonpharmacological interventions should be considered as first-line options in patients with chronic low back pain because fewer harms are associated with these types of therapies than with pharmacological options. 1
  • Providers should consider opioids as a last option for treatment and only in patients who have failed other therapies, as they are associated with substantial harms, including the risk of addiction or accidental overdose. 1
  • The Joint Commission has long held that nonpharmacologic approaches play a role in pain management, recently clarifying its position to add the latter may include acupuncture, chiropractic care, physical therapy treatments, massage therapy, exercise therapy, and cognitive behavioral care to avoid drug abuse, dependency and addiction. 2

WholeHealth Living provides a robust network of qualified and credentialed integrative health practitioners that your members can trust. WholeHealth Living facilitates the connection between providers like you, and our Integrative Health Network. We promote the awareness and efficacy of integrative health services to help your patients reduce pain and return to the life they love. Learn more about how you can partner with WholeHealth Living to promote evidence-based, nonpharmacological integrative health services. Contact us at

Four out of five members are likely to visit an integrative health practitioner if their provider makes this recommendation. 3

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  3. Tivity Health’s Consumer Research Team completed a survey in September 2019 which included two separate populations: SilverSneakers members and the general population.

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