WholeHealth Living for Better Health

WholeHealth Living® is a Tivity Health® company which provides SilverSneakers® — the nation’s most recognized and respected fitness program specifically designed for older adults. Tivity Health provides fitness, enrichment and social opportunities for over 18 million seniors across the country.

WholeHealth Living provides health plan members with the ability to manage their health and well-being by connecting our network of integrative health practitioners to the broader medical community. Delivering conservative, cost-effective care options, and optimizing the member experience.

For 30 years, our multi-disciplinary clinical team has guided the development of our integrative health solutions, which deliver high-quality, medically necessary care, resulting in appropriate cost containment.

At WholeHealth Living, we promote nonpharmacologic options earlier in the care continuum because they are less invasive and can be expensive. Also, they typically pose a lower risk than drugs or surgery and can help reduce opioid use. We recognize that musculoskeletal conditions are a major contributor to medical spend, and we are committed to bridging the gap between members, practitioners, health plans, and the broader medical community to increase the understanding and acceptance of integrative health services.

We partner with regional and national health plans, managing benefits for Medicaid, Commercial, and Medicare members spanning a variety of specialties that include chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, therapeutic massage, and naturopathy.

Our Mission

WholeHealth Living delivers cost-effective integrative health solutions, connecting members with qualified licensed practitioners, and educating the broader medical community on the importance of integrating nonpharmacological options into patient care.

Our Vision

WholeHealth Living strives to decrease physical pain of members nationwide and transform healthcare delivery by increasing awareness and accessibility of integrative health solutions.

WholeHealth Living’s Accreditations

Maintaining accreditation for the services we provide within WholeHealth Living is critical for the organization to meet current and future customer expectations. The process to receive and maintain accreditation is rigorous and includes the organization submitting evidence of compliance of policies to meet the accrediting bodies standards, evidence the organization follows processes aligned with the standards and audit of the organizations files.

WholeHealth Living, Inc. has been accredited with URAC for Health Utilization Management (HUM) since 1997 and with National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for Utilization Management since 2014. We are licensed to conduct utilization management in all states where this is a requirement.

WholeHealth Living Inc. Credentialing Department has been a NCQA certified Credential Verification Organization (CVO) since 2000. Delegating to an organization that is NCQA certified, like WholeHealth Living, Inc. Credentialing Department, helps streamline the delegation oversight process. 

WholeHealth Living, Inc. Credentialing Department has received certification from NCQA for the following credentials verification services license to practice, education and training, work history, malpractice claims history, Medicaid/Medicare Sanctions, CVO application and attestation content, practitioner application processing and ongoing monitoring.

Health Utilization Management